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Meet the LADY

Hey yawl, Abby here. 

I'm new to blog life. At the ripe old age of 30 something, I have felt a strong urge to create something new, something meaningful, something to bring light and happiness. This is weird because I keep to myself. As I have gotten older, I've become socially reclused. What the hell, let's do this. 

I'm a Midwestern mama trying to navigate life with my soon-to-be husband, Jacob and our blended family. I have a hormonal 14-year-old son and 3 rambunctious bonus babies, 7,8, & 9. Being a mom, sister, daughter, and (almost) wife is tough and I am hoping with this leap of faith in creating this blog, I gain friendship, knowledge, and fun with all of you. 

Pampas Flower
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